The New Media Conference provides attendees with the opportunity to benefit from the experiences of successful new media practitioners across the globe and how they are succeeding in today’s market, explore new methods, consider the latest trends in the new media industry, receive information on technology advancements that will help to thrive in a world which is continually being disrupted and reshaped, and much more.

Why you should attend

New Media is getting reshuffled, seemingly every day. The industry has continued to grow immensely in line with global trends despite strong infrastructural challenges in Nigeria.

Communicating with the masses has been with mankind for centuries. The nature and content of communication depend on the society and time in question. The emergence of new media has no doubt positively affected the quality and rapidity of communication among Nigerians. This convergence has gotten new media practitioners in self-doubt as to their future and relevance in the new information and communication order.

Our culture faces the possibility of not just total invasion but annexation, and to a higher degree, extinction. New Media practitioners are increasingly looking for new ways to remain relevant. New Media Conference is the largest convergence of new media practitioners and experts to discuss and forge a better future for the industry.

Our stories is one thing that is unique to Africa which the world would want to take some time to learn, explore and appreciate. This year’s edition will be looking at how new media practitioners can improve on storytelling which will enable them to connect better with their audience and customers.

What used to be the right content is becoming extinct. To stay in touch with the rapidly moving industry, New Media conference was created to stay ahead of the trend. This is your opportunity to hear from the most important people in tech, TV, print, digital, and marketing.

Get Media Access

We are inviting media outlets to become a Media Sponsor or Partner for the event. We sincerely hope you will join us as a partner. If your media outlet is interested in becoming a Media Sponsor or Partner or has questions, please contact us at thenewconference@gmail.com or call +2347060907388 / +234905556119

Exhibition Stand

At the heart of NMC lies the exhibition arena where hundreds of companies showcase their talent and technology to attendees, investors and members of the press. As a forward thinking company, this exhibition arena gives you the opportunity for activation and feedback from Nigeria’s top media practitioners. If you are interested in getting exhibition stand or have questions, please contact us at thenewconference@gmail.com or call +2347060907388 / +234905556119

Are you yet to register?

NMC is where the new media world in Nigeria gather to see the present and the future of new media in one place. You will get to know the insights of today's leaders and tomorrow's best new media companies, learn from industry analysts sharing their business expertise, witness the latest innovations. You also get to make the right connections easily to propel your business forward.